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Yin Yang Light

Created By Hari Winsaro

Yin Yang Light is useful to activate Yin Yang energy, and speeds up and strengthens the Yin and Yang energy. It also increases healing abilities.

Yin Yang Light will increase strength and motivation, activity, and is a change helper. It stimulates the masculine energy, improves vitality, and body heat.

It promotes a general sense of security. It strengthens emotions, love, warmth, and optimism. It can be used to treat chronic diseases and extended states of illness.

For diseases associated with cold and hypo activity it can also be used. If a client has a slow developing disease where there is no desire to move or quiet behavior, passivity, indifference and or sleepiness this energy can be very beneficial. It has an energetic influence on bones, brains, and the nervous system and improves digestive processes.

It helps the heart function as well as it improves blood and appearance of skin.

It stimulates cell regeneration.

Yin Yang Light - Master-$9.99

Hi Victor I received the Yin Yang Light yesterday, it was lovely and strong energy. Thank you. Love & light, Sarah

Hi Victor, That was a lovely attunement thank you. It came in through my feet and then, in a stronger manner, through my crown. Afterwards I was quite blissed out. I also wanted to say thanks for another attunement I recently received from you, the Vitamin and Mineral Assimilation one because it was strong. Really enjoyed it. Peace to you and all, Nik

You will receive the Yin Yang Light manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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