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Spiritual Awakening Network

Spiritual Awakening Network

Within all humanity is a River of Knowledge. Whether by signs or symbols, the spoken word or chant, vison or hearing, observations or experiences all are responsible for bringing this knowledge forward. Every contributor helps to swell the River and keep it flowing.

The goal of Spiritual Awakening Network is to be a contributor to that River in the most Spiritual way possible.

We aspire to provide you with a reliable source of quality, high-powered Advanced Energy Workshops with very reasonable fees.

We must all learn to dedicate ourselves to the healing of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Our human destiny is to learn to study and become more Spiritual. Accomplishing this, ignorance of our Divine Heritage along with our mental disharmonies and diseases will vanish!

We must all act as Thoreau said, "To encourage simple living and inspired thinking and to build a common bond amongst all people."


Light and dark of one they be,
Two branches on the single tree.
Either will the eyesight blind,
and keep one from the truth to find.

What joy is one the other gone?
What joy of silence with no song?
What wisdom has the mind to know,
that from the heart Love does flow? Mace

Throughout the ages one divine goal of all Lovers of the Light, Peace and Happiness is service and surrender to God. Only through embracing the "Divine" and complete harmony and oneness to helping others in their healing and purification processes can WE all stand to demonstrate the superiority of mind over body and soul over mind.

We can overcome evil by doing good, we can overcome sorrow by living joyfully and we can overcome cruelty and hate by expressing Divine Loving Kindness which is our True and permanent Nature.

We were all born into a Universe created and controlled by a "Cosmic Mind" which has no limitations. This infinite "Source" of Love and Light is known by numerous names and is reached in many different ways.

Spiritual Awakening Network is dedicated to imparting diverse Esoteric knowledge in a way that assists you in progressing at your own pace without dictating what course to take and most importantly to offer lifetime support and follow-up.

Spiritual Awakening Network

Spiritual Awakening Network


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