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Victor is founder and Director of Spiritual Awakening Network, Co-founder of Reiki Kai International, Street Reiki and Founder of Healing Outreach Programs.

His training and studies include Esoteric Yoga, Tibetan Mysticism, Chinese Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Esoteric Christianity, Mystery School knowledge of Ancient Egypt, Buddhism and the Kabbalah/Merkava.

"My thoughts are pure, in spirit I seek to forget myself and transcend the common affairs of the world, keeping my life simple and my desires few. With a clear heart, I do not contend with others or make demands upon the world, but rather seek to contribute what I can for the benefit of all, aiding those in need and protecting those in danger!" ~ WU

Victor is certified in many different Energy and Esoteric systems. He has received training and empowerments from many Lamas, Yogis, Light Workers, Healers, and Energy Masters of all conceivable lineages in the physical and in Meditation and Dream State.

He has Meditated consistently for many hours a day for the past 25 years and has passed through the Blue Star.

He has received special Empowerments from Santi Deva in Mahamudra and Liu Su in ancient Tantric Buddhism. This has enabled him to directly generate the consciousness necessary to gain a small measure of wisdom and compassion which awaits "ALL" in the expanded regions of the here and now.

"Our challenge is to answer the age old riddles of why we are here and where we are going at death. Without this deep introspection we will become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information that our modern day society provides. Collectively our planetary and individual destiny necessitates a reevaluation of our material consciousness in time to avoid destroying the planet on which we live."


"I have been roaming,
Forsaken by Thee,
Who have seen me groping,
Hardly ever answering.

I shall be roaming, roaming, bursting all boundaries of the heart, Evermore moving toward thee, to Thy vast unthrobbing heart.

Come, Thou, to me, O Lord! Oh come at last to me.
Centuries and centuries I have waited now for Thee.
Through endless incarnations I called out for Thy name,
Searching by the streamlets of all my silvery dreams.

I knew that Thou must come at last
To steal the flowers of my heart.

In sorrow thrills I piped my love;
I sadly sang my song to Thee,
Though many lives I had to wait;
O mountain crags of high devotion,
I sadly sang my song, my song, my song."

By Paramahansa Yogananda

Beneath this dense consciousness lies the " small voice within" literally the Voice of God. For thousands of millennium this intuitive voice has been darkenend by personal desire, greed, and lust for power. We stand on a new and mighty threshold of unlimited possibilities and Awakenings.

These flames of Hope must be embraced with the Love and Wisdom of All the Saints and Sages of All eternity. Accomplishing this, We will once again bring the Eternal Peace and Happiness which is our divine birthright into manifestation for ourselves and our children's children.

"Without desire one is strong, without desire one is quiet, without desire one may return to that which is natural. Without desire one returns to the original state. With a heart like still water, from the extreme stillness will spring action, from the void comes that which is alive, yin and yang are in harmony and the qi flows unimpeded. With a heart like still water the qi is sufficient and the spirit full. When the qi is sufficient and the spirit full, the organs function normally, the blood is nourished, the meridians, nerves, digestion and circulation are all healthy and the metabolism stimulated. When the factors which prevent aging are all strong, one may prevent illness and live a long and healthy life."

One goal is for all Light Workers to be active in promoting natural health in their communities and strive to promote spiritual values and peace in the world.

Victor has written numerous articles, pamphlets, manuals, interpretations and is the founder of over 250 Workshops.

Trained in both Eastern and Western disciplines of healing and energy transmission, Victor combines 25 years of study in the traditions of several metaphysical and standard medical and spiritual philosophies to provide energizing individual sessions, unique instructions, and powerful initiation ceremonies for you.


"Without any sense of loss I shall give up my body and enjoyments as well as my virtues, for the sake of benefiting all. When anyone encounters me - may it never be meaningless for him." Shanti Deva




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