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Perfected Soul Portraits


Art With A Higher Purpose

Divine Mantra Art Plus!

Perfected Soul Portraits are the visual representation of the ideal "You" impregnated with spiritual energy.

Perfected Soul Portraits are personal Mandalas filled with divine energy.

Your Portrait will raise your energy levels so your life will be filled with Happiness & Abundance.

You will receive a powerful Attunement and Mantra with your Perfected Soul Portrait!

This Attunement will give you the ability to recharge your Soul Portrait whenever you want.

To explain further:

Science has proven conclusively that everything is energy and energy is everything.

Each of us and the physical world around us is composed of energy which include our thoughts and emotions.

Your aura contains imprints of this energy in the form of intensely joyful or hurtful experiences etc.

It is very important to know that your spiritual being is composed of energy also.

Your energetic aura affects the world around you by its vibratory rate.

Every time you look at it & say your unique mantra, your Perfected Soul Portrait will act as a conduit for Healing and Spiritual energy. Therefore your energy levels will be uplifted and cleansed!

Your Soul Portrait will automatically vibrate at your ideal frequency of Divine Perfection!

An Energetic Soul Portrait is a great gift to yourself.

Energetic Soul Portraits are powerful and inspiring.

Your soul will be inspired each time you experience your Soul Portrait!

*Contains healing energy
*Energize your dreams
*Acts as a personal mandala
*Raises your vibration
*Awakens your life purpose
*Helps reveal the divine love in your life
*Uplifts & Enhances your spirit
*Great as a meditation aid
*Gives you inspiration and encouragement
*As a reminder of the divine love that is your true Self!
*Helps clear negative energy from your aura
*Helps amplify positive energy
*Helps tap into universal wisdom
*Connects you to the best part of yourself
*Helps align your soul to your life mission or purpose
*Helps you to stay grounded

A Perfected Soul Portrait will help you be the best You can be!

*In order for us to draw your portrait, we need a clear, close-up full-color photograph. Make sure that your face fills the entire photo close enough where we can see your eye color and your shoulders at least a 5X7. Backgrounds should not be present and You should be the only person or object in the photo.

Perfected Soul Portrait-$150.00

One Attunement & Mantra Are Included-USA ONLY

14X17-High Quality Art Paper Using A Special Pencil Technique (beautiful)
No Frame-Free Shipping

Perfected Soul Portrait-Emailed-For Outside US-$135.00

One Attunement & Mantra Are Included-

Click Below For, A True Blessing!

Perfected Soul Portrait Family

Hi Victor, I received the Soul Portrait and put it in my office facing the door and looking across the width of my house. As you walk toward the portrait it kind of grabs your attention, then as you enter the room and get closer, it kind of smiles at you. If I am at my desk and turn toward the portrait, its looking at me. Today I tried to measure its energy level and all I keep getting is the sign for Infinity. So Victor I now love my soul portrait and I realize it is very powerful. Much Light, Peter

Victor! I got the portrait! That is so amazing! I've never had a portrait of myself before, and it is such a gift, I felt the energy coming from it also with the symbols, WOW!. Your wife is SUCH a talent and she paid attention to all the details in a way that is just mindblowing. David is an artist and he said it is extremely well done -- even the teeth look like my teeth!. I don't know anything technical about drawing but I can say that I feel very emotional, moved, by it. I was afraid even to look at it at first but when I did I felt an immediate shift, a power. THANK YOU to YOU and Your WIFE, I don't know her name or i would tell her thank you a thousand times. It is beautiful, I appreciate her hard work on so many levels. thank you Thank you. THANK YOU MY FRIEND, Clara

Victor, The portrait of Anne is just beautiful -- please tell your wife that she is so talented and I know Anne will love her portrait as much as I love mine. Not to mention the energy, which has really made a difference for me, and I know it already has for Anne. This is really exciting to send her this gift! Thank you! I am grateful. Clara

These paintings are really marvelous tools for self-transformation. I have a Perfected Soul Portrait of myself in my kitchen. My whole auric field rises to a much higher level each time I look at it. When I activate the mantra that goes with it, I then feel a wonderful sense of real happiness! Victor

Hi, Neha received her Soul portrait. She loves it! I told her to email you for the mantra. Thanks to you and your wife for helping her. This is a!very special healing you offer and the attunement was a beautiful experience. Clar

Greetings Victor, I received my portrait today!!! It is absolutely amazing! I can not wait to see the changes in my life. Thank you, Jenn

It's really awesome awesome thank you so much for such a lovely potrait. JB

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