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Wish Activation

Created by Christiana Kluge

There are countless books on the subject of how to create the reality I want, with titles like such as 'orders from the universe', 'success through positive thinking', 'The Secret' and many more.

The contents are all mostly correct and yet they only work for very few people.

The main reasons for it are, by ourselves and others, installed handicaps, blockades, closures, programs, implants, contracts and vows, which are partly based on this, partly based on past incarnations.

Without their dissolution, the methods carried out to create of desired realities has no or no lasting effect.

With this workshop and Attunement you will be lead to subtle levels that will lead to opportunities on the physical level, to 'free pathways'.

The Attunement transforms the realities created by us on the matrix planes (subtle planes) into realities of the dense physical world.

There are various methods to create a desired reality on the matrix level.

Your contains the methods that we use and that we use in the context of effort and effect for have recognized us most appropriately.

Powerful symbols included!

You will receive the manual and attunement by chi ball and Certificates and lineage available upon request.

Wish Activation- Master-$35.00

You will receive the Heavenly Cleansing With Angels Master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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