Weight Loss Attunement & Ritual

Weight Loss Attunement & Ritual

Founded By: Victor Glanckopf

Weight Loss Ritual & Attunement can really help you lose weight but it is experimental (so results will vary).

It is also very important to get plenty of exercise and the proper diet plus see your Doctor to correct any medical conditions.

Overlooked in the standard equation though, the eat less and exercise more truism, is the fact that we are not only physical beings but psychic ones as well.

Weight Loss Ritual & Attunement can really help those who will practice the Ritual as given and follow the Appendixes advice.

Weight Loss Attunement & Ritual-$35.00

Hiya Victor...Im so sorry...I forgot to tell you about the Attunement! It was amazing! Zinging Energy from my Crown Chakra working it's way through my Body...and still feels the same each time I connect. Thankyou SO much...you really are a Star...a VERY Valuable Star too... helping SO many People to gain a better quality of Life...on the Spiritual, Mental and Emotional...and of course that then filters to the Physical! Big Hug and Blessings!! Tracey

Hi Victor, I called in the attunement, yesterday for the weight loss reiki.I found it be quite a strong, energising energy and very enjoyable. - Many thanks Michele

Hi Victor, Thank you for your prompt response. I felt a wave of energy leaving my body from the head. It almost looked like smoke. I definitely feel Iighter in terms of releasing negative thinking related to emotional eating. Renu

You will receive the Weight Loss Attunement & Ritual manual via Email, One Attunement and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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