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Vortex Light Shakti Levels 1-3

Created by Hari Andri Winarso

Vortex Light Shakti is an excellent energy for enhancing our sense and feeling of security and helping us to establish our boundaries. It promotes a more relaxed attitude to life, balancing mood swings and making us more aware of our own emotions and promoting inner peace. It is also a protector from negative energies.

This energy is an excellent for meditation, enabling you to both access and retrieve ancient wisdom and information about past lives. The Vortex Light Shakti Vortex is full of compressed shakti and is channeled to be intensely active so it can energize the system, and so it can break down and transform emotional and karmic conditioning. As a healing energy, this Vortex Light Shakti effective to heal physical, mental, emotional diseases, and also spiritual problems.

Vortex Light Shakti is an inter-dimensional vortex energy that has the ability to transform the quality of glands, chakras and various energies, especially the kundalini energy. Vortex Light Shakti helps to raise the kundalini. It stimulates an opening in the pathway through which the kundalini may travel. It also helps to lessen the discomfort involved in the movement of energy.

Vortex Light Shakti also assists in the movement of the kundalini into and through the heart chakra. It brings a calming peace where it resides, and promotes thinking with love before speaking with intellect. Helps one to be gentle with themselves as well as others. This Vortex Light Shakti purely intention based. To state your intent, we will use complete sentences or affirmations. You are encouraged to be creative with your affirmations.

This system consist of 3 levels. The attunements must be taken level by level, and about minimum 7 days between each attunements.

Vortex Light Shakti Level 1

* Vortex Light
* 7 Chakras Empowerment
* Palm Chakras Empowerment
* Earth Nature Empowerment
* Sun Moon Vortex Lights
* Diamond Vortex Light Shield Activation

Vortex Light Shakti Level I -15.99

Vortex Light Shakti Levels 2

Prerequisite Level 1

2nd LEVEL:

* Vortex Light Shakti
* Vortex Light Shakti Meridian Healing
* Trisula Light Shakti
* Heart Chakra Empowerment
* Vortex Light Shakti Shield I Activation
* Kundalini Shakti I

Vortex Light Shakti Level 2- $25.99

Vortex Light Shakti Level 3

Prerequiste Level 2

3rd LEVEL:

* Vortex Light Shakti
* 7 Subtle Bodies Cleansing Empowerment
* Vortex Light Shakti Shield II Activation
* Kundalini Shakti II
* Fourth Dimensional Chakras Attunement

Vortex Light Shakti-Level 3-$40.99

Vortex Light Shakti ALL Levels

Vortex Light Shakti-ALL Levels-$75.00

Hi Victorji, The attunements were wonderful! I was visited by Celestial Beings - Krishna, Buddha and saw a white cow bathed in blue light! Hari Krishna! Om Namo Amitabha Buddha! I also saw a group of Krishna's gopis clustered together and bathed in warm red glowing light! During the attunements, my crown chakra opened and I felt my heart chakra expand hugely. My head was spinning in circles on its own and there was a warm energy coursing throught me! Om Shanti! Thank you! James

Victor: I felt my belly being stirred with a stick like a giant cauldron. After that, I fell into a deep meditation. Then everything came to a complete stop. STILLNESS. Then I went for a walk. As I walked I released some self-punishment issues from the right side of my stomach, lots of issues of forcing myself to do things (e.g. seeing), trying to control others, and attachments to problems. My right arm also grew heavy when it tried to release the fear of not having done enough. My underarms grew incredibly sensitive when these issues released. I could feel every fiber of every muscle. That's all for now. Joe

You will receive the correct Vortex Light Shakt manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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