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Virility Care

By Mariah Windsong

Virility Care may assist you in these ways:

Gain or re-gain your masculine "edge" and confidence. Emanate an air of leadership and sure footed stamina.

Increase the health and virility of your sperm. Cause a suitable mate to notice and be sexually attracted to you. Overcome stress by re-igniting your sexual appetite and ability to perform. Experience a re-emergence of sexual energy for lovemaking.

Reverse Erectile Dysfunction that was due to stress or nervousness. Gain sexual energy to please your love even if there are medical reasons why your body isn't able to engage in intercourse with your mate.

Virility Care brings males the influx of energy and CARE for their masculinity. Virility Care increases your leadership ability. This infusion of energy and very individualized CARE from the CARE Team of Light Beings increases your ability to father children.

Virility Care helps your body to respond in conjunction with your heart and mind so that you can achieve the sexual union you desire.

Please note that Virility Care is designed for loving encounters, not casual sex and will not increase the chances of casual sex occurring. This energy works in synergy with your heart, mind, and genitals. Only Reiki Masters may pass this energy system along to others. Anyone may accept attunement into this energy system and use it.

Virility Care-Master- Master Level-$28.00

You will receive the Virility Care Master Manual via Email, All Attunement and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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