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Universes Within Key Awakening - 55 Keys Of Enoch Series

Created by Mariah Windsong

Not to be confused with any teachings of JJ Hurtak as this is completely different.

Key Awakening is a Keys of Enoch Initiation series. Manual contains an interpretation by Mariah of the key or keys the initiation shall awaken unto you.

Keys 101-103 provide insight into the nature of divinity and which species shall prevail into living eternally. Universes Within Key Awakening provide you with the energetic keys that your body and being will instantly recognize and utilize perfectly.

The initiation for keys 101-103 prepare your turaya energy pathways in your body and your spiritual vehicle to receive the higher image and similitude of divinity. This quickens and awakens your consciousness to higher truth while causing the cells in your body to recognize living light as nutrition. Your physical body is fortified and can more easily support your evolution into eternity, marked by embodying higher light frequencies now!

The first of 55 initiations to the energies of each key within the Keys of Enoch and Mariah's informational interpretation of their meaning. You do not need to understand the concepts presented within the manual. The energies will awaken and enlighten your entire being while strengthening the connection between you, here in a body, your oversoul and I AM Presence!

This is first in a series and an interpretation based on JJ Hurtaks The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch. This is the first in a series.

To pass to others you must have received all of series.

Universes Within Key Awakening - $44.00

Universes Within Key Awakening-2nd Of the 55 Keys

To pass to others you must have received all of series.

This is second in the series and you are initiated into pyramids of living light is the key to humans gaining access to their next evolution of consciousness.

Photons of living light work with our neurons, in our brain and energetic circulatory system to assist our spiritual growth.

These neurons, as they become more and more attuned to specific wavelengths of living light, increase the brains ability to literally communicate consciously with all forms of consciousness that are in the same consciousness zone. There are various zones of consciousness that we are able to have direct interaction with based on the geometries of consciousness that our bodies physically use within our brains.

A person may only pass this initiation on to others if you have already received Universes Within 101-103 Key Awakening for to pass the energies onward you must receive all keys prior to 104. You may however, receive any or all of the keys. To pass to others you must have received all of series.

Each manual of series contains an interpretation by Mariah of the key or keys the initiation shall awaken unto you.

Your initiation to Universes Within Key 104 Awakening aligns your chakras and prepares your 8 th chakra to open and be infused with the key codes of the merkavah itself. The pyramidal structures which display themselves at the atomic level of blood and all other organic life forms orient in a such a manner as to be the merkavah.

The merkaba is the Wheels within Wheels configuration that enable creation and creator to communication perfectly through time, space and the multiplicity of realities.

Universes Within Key Awakening-Level 2 - Master-$44.00

Universes Within Key Awakening-3rd Of the 55 Keys

The 3RD Of 55 Keys Of Enoch!

Your initiation to Universes Within Key 105 Awakening opens your key to the Galactic Tree of Living Light. This provides you with the proper positioning to enter into Shekhina's Lavooesh Pillar of Light. The Lavooesh quickens your consciousness to be aware of the other dimensions of intelligence which co-exist with Earth dwellers, yet have rarely been seen.

If you are seeking to expand your consciousness and have more direct experiences with Higher Intelligences, receiving key code which allow you to pass from one consciousness time zone to another is very important. This is based on the assertion that Higher Intelligences are separated from our consciousness currently by their consciousness literally existing in a different time zone. Therefore, if you are able to enter that time zone, you are able to encounter them directly and have conscious communication.

Universes Within Key Awakening-3rd Level- $44.00

Universes Within Key Awakening-106 Awakening

Universes Within Key 106 Awakening is to awaken you to the 7 Sacred Thresholds of Light which shape the soul in the higher heavens and the physical body here.

Your initiation to Universes Within Key 106 Awakening brings you your energetic keys to the Light Synthesis of the Pleiades. The Pleiades are a key to physical procreation of our universe through the astrochemical codes of Orion.

Eternal Light mathematics arises from 6 of our chakras, into the 7th and 8th as Divine Breath and sets us apart from the false lords of the lower heavens.

Your initiation will easily arrive to you, freeing you instantly from false thought forms. You are lifted to connect easily with your soul and infinite throne worlds to seed light in other universes and higher heavens of YHVH.

As you think of from where our universe was created, think also through what portal the basis for our eternal consciousness arrived. Your soul has self aware sentience, thus consciousness. From and through where does the initial awareness of your soul arrive? Take it up to the next level. The ability to be conscious here in this reality is possible by Light Synthesis which occurred in Pleiades. Creation has spiraling connections from one place within it to another.

Universes Within Key Awakening-106-Master-$44.00

Universes Within Key Awakening-107 Awakening

Anyone may receive the key activations in any order, or even one or two, however, to pass activations to others, teachers you must have received Key 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 105, 106 and 107.

Your initiation to Universes Within Key 107 Awakening brings you the birthright you were intended to have. Earth and her inhabitants were meant to have full access to the throne of Eternal Sacred Source. There was an interception and Earth was not made with the full spectrum of living light. We were supposed to have full access to living light technologies. When the ones who were entrusted to co-create this world fell out of sync with the Eternal Father of Life, they failed to impregnate this world with all the codes.

This provides you a link with and awakens within you; the key codes which give you access to the inner universes. There is eternal life, and then there is the achieving of various degrees of soul growth. When your soul has evolved to such a level, together with your dedication to adhere only to the energy frequencies that embody eternal organic life and love you too may be allowed to create worlds.

Universes Within Key Awakening-107-Master-$44.00

You will receive the correct Universes Within Key Awakening manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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