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Touch of Jesus Activation Program

Created by Tracey Loper

A promise of Wholeness!

This is the way that Ascended Master Jesus affects us by His touch.

Through this Activation System Ascended Master Teacher Jesus gives us the gift of His healing touch so that we too can be healed by his presence and receive wholeness. There are six activations within this system.

The Activations:

1) Cleansing Touch Activation will clear our physical, spiritual and mental bodies. This will remove, clear and cleanse any dis-empowering beliefs, shock, trauma, negative forces, toxins, disease, negative energy, other-dimensional intrusions, entities, evil or possessing spirits and any other less than love energies within our bodies.

2) Quieting Touch Activation brings us peace. The energy will cleanse and still our minds and hearts so that we can relax and also experience relief from any sleeping disorder or issue. Whatever concerns we have will leave us. Concentration and memory will improve. The energy will be like a calming balm that washes over us so that we know all is truly well.

3) Illuminating Touch Activation will bring new light, love, awareness, faith, power, and connection to Ascended Master Jesus and the Divine.

4) Reassuring Touch Activation will bring us the energy of Ascended Master Jesus reassuring love and touch.

5) Liberating Touch Activation brings Ascended Master Jesus energies of miraculous healing as well as the confidence and knowledge that we are counted as precious in the eyes of the Divine. This will allow us to receive greater wisdom and to speak about and act in faith in the wisdom we receive from Above.

6) Healing Touch Activation is used to help us to activate and tap into the energy of Ascended Master Jesus healing power. The energy of this activation will touch every part of our lives, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

You will receive 6 activations sent by chi ball: each sent to be received 1 day apart.

Touch of Jesus Activation Program - Master-$60.00

Dear Victor, I have taken the attunement today with love and respect. The attunement was so powerful that since morning till now I am in the state of peacefulness and inner happiness. I saw a complete white light during the attunement. Infact the moment I raise my hand it is filled with Divine Energies. Beautiful experience. Thanks a lot, Sav

You will receive the Touch of Jesus Activation Program master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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