♥ A Healing Force ♥

Prerequiste: Kundalini Reiki 1-2-3

Everything comes from Tacyon

Tacyon (or Tachyon - pronounced "Takion") is not a frequency/energy but is thought seed to all frequencies.

Everything evolves/comes from Tacyon.

When Tacyon is close to disharmony, it creates balance.

Perfect form is encoded in Tacyon.

Tacyon does not heal, but the body transforms Tacyon to the needed energy for healing.

Tacyon is faster than the speed of light. - When Tacyon is close to EMF (Electromagnetic fields e.g. from electric appliances), it changes the effect of the negative fields, to useful positive energies.

Creator Force

No form, no limit, faster then the speed of light.


Creator force with form. Tacyon does still have attributes of Creator Force, no limit and faster then the speed if light. Have the potential to create perfect form.

Faster than the speed of light.

Slower than the speed of light.

Different Energy Forms

(Like humans, animals and plants)

Transforms Tacyon by themselves to the energy needed. Slower than the speed of light.

Tacyon 1-2-3

Tacyon 1: Here you will be attuned/strengthened to Tacyon. You will learn to create Tacyon tools, which can be laid on the body, for charging water, to neutralize EMF etc.

Tacyon 2: Further attuned/strengthened to Tacyon.

Tacyon 3: Further attuned/strengthened to Tacyon. You will learn to create stronger tools for therapy use. Further you are taught to pass on Tacyon 1-2-3.

Tacyon Levels 4-9

Further Attunements to Tacyon. You will learn how to create a Laser antenna, for directing energy. You will be shown how to gently create your body into a Tacyon antenna.

There has to be the 1 day integrating period between each attunement.

PLUS: Tacyon New Master Level III (new Level-Increased Power) INCLUDED!

Tacyon-Master Levels 1-9-$25.00
3 Attunements

Dear Victor, All the attunements were great. Lots of energy coming in and absolutely life changing. I have dealt with one of my problems during the first attunement. Very suprising really, I am really happy I finally did itů With your wonderful help. Thank you! Love and Light, Iveta

You will receive the correct Tacyon Courses-levels 1-9 master or Tacyon Level 2 manual via Email, All Attunement and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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