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Source Ray

Prerequiste: 5 Lightarian Rays

Description of the Source Ray

Vibrationally just below the Godhead levels, there is a particular layer of energies which we call our Universal Source. This very high vibrational band consists of highly focused energies of pure thought and intention which produce "all of creation within our physical and non-physical reality." The Source Ray creates a resonant, energetic connection for you with this band of celestial energies...focusing on "lifting you further into the unfolding ascension process" that humans and Gaia are experiencing at this time. It is designed to stimulate and support you on your quest for a more perfected and ascended way of "being and doing" in your day-to-day experience.


This attunement connection will allow you to access all twelve of the Divine Virtues embodied by Source in order to fulfill your personal "divine mosaic-pattern of energies" for the coming times. Via this attunement, you lay the foundation for creating a more ascended state of being as you manifest essential aspects of these twelve Divine Virtues in your daily life. The twelve Divine Virtues are the vibrational "building blocks" for human experience within our Universe and all twelve are now available to you via the Source Ray. They are: Beauty, Compassion, Courage, Curiosity, Imagination, Joy, Justice, Love, Loyalty, Power, Purity and Will.

Via the Ray program you have been indirectly tapping into these Divine Virtues as manifested by the particular Masters associated with each of the Rays, namely Ascension Master Maitreya (with the Virtue of Power) via the Empowerment Ray and the following four Ascended Masters...El Morya (also with the Virtue of Power) via the Clearing Ray, Buddha (with the Virtue of Compassion) via the Healing Ray, Sananda (with Purity) via the Activation Ray and St. Germain (with Courage) via the Manifestation Ray.

After receiving your attunement to the Source Ray, your connection into the energies of the Divine Virtues will be expanded and became more direct! You will be directly tapping into all twelve of the Divine Virtues and will also have access to the energies and qualities of the other eight Ascended Masters (those Masters not associated with the Lightarian Ray attunements).

Source Ray-Master Level-$85.00

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