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Shen Wan Shan Reiki

Created by Shakina Patel

- Wealth Richness Treasure -

According to the legend, Shen Wan Shan was a fisherman in the ming dynasty!

One day, Shen Wan San saw a person preparing frogs to eat.

He bought the frogs and released them into a pond in the vicinity. In the evening, Shen Wan San was suddenly awaken by noisy croaking of the frogs.

He got out and had a look only to find that the frogs released by him were surrounding a pot, hence, he took the pot into his house.

He found that if a golden hair pin would drop into the pot, the pot would magically filled with full of golden hair-pins.

When a silver ingot was to drop into the pot, the pot would magically filled with full of silver ingots.

It was thus known as the Treasure Pot.

Shen Wan Shan then became the wealthiest man in the southeast area. Ever since, people treated the Treasure Pot as auspicious artifacts.

The Treasure Pot can bring wealth and luck to a person. It can be placed at home or offices making business prosper.

Later, people worshiped Shen Wan San as God of Gold, Wealth and Richness!

This manual provides instruction on how to use the energy.

Shen Wan Shan Reiki-Master-$25.00

You will receive the correct Above the Shen Wan Shan Reiki Master Attunements - and correct PDF manual via Email, and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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