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Shakti Tummo Reiki

Created by Sastra Vardhana

Tumo means "sacred fire (Tejas) consists of isoteric, exoteric and mystic originated from Llamas in Tibet. Ever since and up to the late twentieth century, Tumo is highly classified lesson and strictly kept from beyond circumference of Llamas in Tibet.

Tumo comes from Tibetan meaning Miraculous Energy Fire. This knowledge is recognized in India by the name of Candali. Candali was brought to Tibet by Great Yogi Marpa, student of Naropa who is representing of Great Yogi Tilopa. This technique came from the Great Teacher Atisha. Some Tummo teachers think that that this technique represents an adoption of fire blow technique, the powerful self-defence science.

Shakti Tumo Reiki does not have any symbols, but if you wish to use symbols, all symbols of reiki can be used, so also symbol of Tumo. This Reiki very is effective for sweeping all chakras, nadis, improving strength of body endurance to heat and cool-air and strengthening.

* Activates universal shakti and shakti in body
* Activates Tumo fire
* Activation strength of kundalini
* Activation of system Yin Yang of body
* Activation source of energy Reiki
* Activation Pineal and Pituitary gland to increase strength of concentration
* Open and activate 72,000 nadis in body.

Shakti Tummo Reiki - Master-$100.00

You will receive the Shakti Tummo Reiki master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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