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Self Transformational Symbols

Created by Hari Winarso

Self Transformational Symbols channeled as a Spiritual acceleration system to balance the human energy field.

Plus it promotes harmony to facilitate Spiritual growth work, energetic healing and bodywork, meditation, visualization & other Spiritual practices.

It was developed in cooperation with the Devic forces of nature and forces of light.

It also assists in releasing mental stress that has become lodged in muscles.

Self Transformational Symbols has the following benefits:

Aligns the Spiritual bodies
Treats miasma
Stimulates body electrical functions
Increases clairvoyance, telepathy and other Spiritual gifts
Balances and aligns the Chakras, meridians and nadis
Promotes direct links to higher Spiritual bodies and Chakras
Increases visionary states
Attunes one to the level of Christ Consciousness
Relaxes stress, especially mental stress lodged in muscles
Treats emotional problems through the emotional body
Repels negative thought forms
Strengthens etheric body so negative thought forms are less likely to penetrate
Seals tears/holes/gaps/ruptures in the etheric body/sheath

There are 6 symbols and 6 attunements. You will receive 6 chi ball attunements.

Self Transformational Symbols- Master-$45.99

You will receive the Self Transformational Symbols master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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