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Self Knowledge Rays

Created By Mariah Windsong


Self Knowledge Rays speeds up the time it takes for you to learn about yourself. When you know yourself you can make wise, steadfast decisions.

Self Knowledge Rays brings to the surface the information you need to make educated decisions about what is right for you in any life situation. Many people experience regret when they make commitments which they later learn are incongruent with their nature. This is a cause of disease.

Self Acceptance Rays are included to help you accept that which is not ready to change within you at this time. There is value in knowing yourself and accepting the core of your self, without a need to change it.

Some possible benefits of activating Self Knowledge Rays often are:

~ Easily determining if an opportunity is right for you or not
~ Claiming opportunities that will utilize your skills optimally
~ Declining invitations that could lead to disappointment or trouble
~ Noticing when situations would play on your weakness so you can choose to walk away with dignity instead of getting used
~ You will know yourself well enough to know when you need to ask for help rather than muddle through on your own.
~ Knowing yourself well enough to say: This is nice, but not what I’m looking for in the long run. or, It is not visible yet, but I think this relationship has real potential to be my hearts desire and worth the wait.

Self Knowledge Rays - Master-$28.00

You will receive the Self Knowledge Rays manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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