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Responsive Meridian Flush

Responsive Meridian Flush brings to you the clearing energy of Quan Yin's Lavender Rose Flame Reiki and fulfils the energies of the Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing system. You will also be granted the Lotus Jewel of Freedom whose dispensation is sovereignty.

There are many benefits to having your meridian pathways opened and the Lavender Rose Flame is a gentle way to do so. Fulfilling the energies of the Shamballa Multi-Dimensional energies is calling all the ascended masters into your light body and your physical body by way of your meridians.

The function is to clear away any blockages or less than pure or dense energy from your body and Light body's Meridians and then to refill those pathways with the most exalted energies. The Lavender Flame Rose of Quan Yin is gentle, yet effective, lovingly clearing energy that can feel warm and cosy or intense like the baptism of divine holy fire.

Responsive Meridian Flush - Master-$15.00

You will receive the Responsive Meridian Flush master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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