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Sri Aurobindo

Rose of God, vermilion stain on the sapphires of heaven, Rose of bliss, fire-sweet, seven-tinged with the ecstasies seven! Leap up in our heart of humanhood, O miracle, O flame, Passion-flower of the Nameless, bud of the mystical Name. Rose of God, great wisdom-bloom on the summits of being, Rose of Light, immaculate core of the ultimate seeing! Live in the mind of our earthood; O golden Mystery, flower, Sun on the head of the Timeless, guest of the marvellous Hour.

Rose of God, damask force of Infinity, red icon of might, Rose of Power with thy diamond halo piercing the night! Ablaze in the will of the mortal, design the wonder of thy plan, Image of Immortality, outbreak of the Godhead in man. Rose of God, smitten purple with the incarnate divine Desire, Rose of Life, crowded with petals, colors lyre! Transform the body of the mortal like a sweet and magical rhyme; Bridge our earthhood and heavenhood, make deathless the children of Time.

Rose of God, like a blush of rapture on Eternitys face, Rose of Love, ruby depth of all being, fire passion of Grace!

Arise from the heart of the yearning that sobs in Natures abyss: Make earth the home of the Wonderful and life beatitudes kiss.

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