Archangel Lakiel

Psalms 149

Angelic Version

Praise ye the Lord, we sing unto you Lord a new song!
And You will praise us and raise us into the light as saints.

Let the righteous rejoice in him that made them
and let the children of Light be joyful in this knowledge.

Let us praise the Light in meditation and action,
let us sing praises unto the light with vibrations of our love!

For the Lord taketh pleasure in this,
so he will beautify us and shower us with his light!

Thy people are joyful in Your glory:
We sing aloud upon the lands praising Thy name.

Let the high praises of God be in their mouth,
and a two edged sword of light in their hands.

To execute the light on their mental and emotional bodies.

To bind their negativities in chains of divine light, and their fears with fetters of white Light!

To have Compassion for All is the glorified man's way!

I Praise Thee Lord With All the Gratitude Of The Universe. Amen

ArchAngel Lakiel

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