Archangel Lakiel

Psalms 104

Angelic Version

Bless the LORD, O my Soul.

O LORD my God, thou are very great; thou are the Light!

Thy light stretchest over the heavens like a curtain.

The clouds are your chariots and Your roads the winds.

You created the angels and ascended masters.

You created the earth and fire.

Your voice is thunder and can be heard on top of the mountains
and in the valleys.

You give rain to the crops and animals.

You feed the birds which sing among the branches.

You cause the grass to grow
and gave herbs to man.

You give strength to man's heart.

You created the moon for the night sky
and the sun the day.

O LORD, how wonderful are thy works!

In wisdom hast thou made them all.

The earth and seas are full of thy riches.

You take away our breath and we die,
and return to dust.

You send forth thy spirit and we are created again.

You renew the face of the earth again and again.
Thy glory shall endure for ever.

I will sing unto you LORD as long as I live.
I will praise You with all of my heart.

I will meditate on you
and it shall be sweet.

I will gather thy Light
and my darkness will clear.

Blessings to you my LORD, O my Soul.

Praise ye the LORD. Amen

ArchAngel Lakiel

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