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Power Of Dragon Empowerment

Created by Hari

Dragons is one of the most fascinating and magically powerful of all totems, the guardians of interdimensional gates and very old Beings of Light.

In many cultures and tribes the dragon is considered the source of wisdom, divinity and good-fortune. They represent the supernatural and infinite self. They are royal offering guidance and encouragement, protection and gifts of love to those who befriend them and ask for their help. They are loyal, and will lend power and energy to ones aura.

To awaken and acknowledge the Dragon within means to awakened inner wisdom and universal consciousness. Power of Dragon Empowerment will help raise you to the next level. If you are already developed spiritually, the vibration of Power Of Dragon will greatly accelerate your journey.

Power Of Dragon Empowerment channeled to help:

Connect with the power of the dragon spirit
Promote energies of health, vitality and vibrancy
Increase magical insight, prowess, longevity, healing powers
Bring clarity of knowledge and infinite wisdom
Bring success, prosperity, good luck
Increase strength, courage, willpower, confidence and balance
Undergo sudden or rapid changes of spiritual growth and transformation
Protect ~ removing or deflecting negative energies of all kinds
Accelerate the transfer of spiritual knowledge from dragons

Power Of Dragon Empowerment - Master-$35.00

You will receive the Power Of Dragon Empowerment manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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