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Speaking From The Heart

A Sharing about Life and Graduation from this Earthly Life

By Jim Peltier

1) Quiet your mind and ask yourself:

What do you want to accomplish in this lifetime?
Write down your answer.

In our early years we create this idea of "How do I, seeing myself as I do, in a world as I view it, and people being how I see them to be, deal with life. " This is our personal "Life Script" created around the age of 5 or 6 and we begin to operate on these unconscious perceptions and attitudes. If you happen to be the incarnation of the next Dalai Lama this is great because you know who you are and about age 5 - 7 other Lamas come and tell you that you are the next Dalai Lama and you start your training preparing for your life of service.

Also, You could be one of the millions of new souls who have come to Earth for the very first time. Some are the Indigo Children from the Seventh Root Race [their very first incarnation anywhere] or they may be Star Children that have come from other Stars Systems and are incarnating here on Earth for the very first time. Since these souls have a small degree of separation from Source they know who they are. They know their wisdom.

Most of us did it the old fashion way, we did not complete what we were supposed to complete in previous lifetimes so we had another "Do Over" and we reincarnated into a physical body and we created our "Life Script" and followed these beliefs about how to get along in life. Some souls did not want to reincarnate and they came into their physical body kicking and screaming. Those mother had 9 months of fighting and then 18 more years of fighting.

We continue to follow our "Life Script" until we have a Life Alternating Experience that challenges our preconceived ideas about our-self, life, other people and what is the important in this life!

The first question is really asking our mental/ego self what it wants to accomplish in this life. Most of these ideas come from our early years of life and what others have told us what we should be doing with our life.

2) Quiet you mind and ask yourself:

What does your Soul or Higher-Self want to accomplish in this lifetime?
Write down your answer.

Now we are getting back to these basic questions: Who Am I? Where Did I Come From? What Am I Doing Here? and, Where Am I Going?

Right now it is estimated that we have 6.9 billion people on the planet and when I checked with the Secretary of the Akashic Records for Planet Earth I was told that there are 600 Plus Million newbie's on the Planet these are the Star Children and the Indigo Children so that means that we have over 6 billion souls here on Earth that have continually been going through the process of Reincarnation after Reincarnation. Yes, we need to subtract the number of Master Teachers who keep coming back to assist humanity in its evolution such as the Dalai Lama and others but that number probably is not in the billions.

So what does this tell us or tell me?

In the late 1970's Archangel Gabriel came to me and we had a long chat and one of the projects that the Angelic Realm wanted to create along with humanity is: The Living Essence Ministry on Earth. Everyone on the Planet is a part of this Ministry, the active members are those who are seeking Divine Awakening, and those who are sleeping are getting nudged to begin the process of Awakening. So the "Living Essence Ministry" is nothing more than to be Living Your Divine Essence. To become aware and acknowledge that you are a Child of Light, a Child of Love, a Child of Purity in Consciousness. Our Soul coming from the Divine Mother and Divine Father is Pure Love and Grace. Our Earthly parents give us this physical body but our true parents are the Divine Mother and Father. To be "Living Our Divine Essence" means that our Spiritual Being wants to complete its Spiritual Growth and break these cycles of reincarnations and graduate from Planet Earth.

There is a step beyond what our Soul or Higher Self wants to accomplish in this incarnation. Each Soul has a desire to Evolve and move to a Higher Plane of Consciousness and Beingness and to manifest other Spiritual Qualities on its Journey Home. For now, I shall call this our "Over-Soul."

3) So perhaps an even more important question is:

What does your Over-Soul want to Accomplish in this lifetime?
What are the Divine Qualities that your Over-Soul wants to share with your Higher-Self in this continuum of Expansion in Consciousness?

As I say this I hear to be "One with the Universe," "One with God." "To be One with Source." In the Hindu tradition it is called "Moksha" to be Liberated. True Liberation is to be free from Reincarnation. To be in Divine Oneness, To be beyond Duality Consciousness.

When you are going to sleep perhaps you will think of this question: What Does My Soul and Over-Soul Want to Accomplish in this Lifetime?

What is the process of creating the outcome that our Soul and Over-Soul wants to achieve in this life. In simplest terms It is merging our left brain and our right brain. Merging our ego/personality with our Divine Essence, for 30 plus years I have called this to be in a State of Oneness. In Yoga it is defined as being in Unity Consciousness - to be in Oneness - Non-Separation. To be in Non-Duality.

Our Spiritual Life is the fabric of our whole life, whether we are camping, getting the children ready for school, or going to Wal-Mart. Sometime I sense that when we use the words Spiritual Life we see lifetimes of being a monk or nun and being poor because you can't have money and be spiritual. So lets forget about living a Spiritual Life and focus on How Do I Merge with that Purity of Divine Consciousness Within Me.

I know a beautiful young woman and in her early years she would see the angels and draw pictures of angels and as time went by she learned how to play volleyball and hopefully she is still drawing pictures of angels and seeing the angels. It is like we can't have parts of our life separated, we need to be integrated so we are not saying this is spiritual and this in not a spiritual action. The Spiritual Life is our entire day not just the time we are in meditation or prayer or attending a church service. We are never outside of our spiritual life. Are we in Divine Harmony with our Spiritual Life that is the only question.

How Do We Know When We Are in Harmony with Our Spiritual Life?

A sense of Bliss and Contentment, feeling good. When we are in that Oneness we are in the State of Peace, Love, Joy and Bliss and have access to our Wisdom and Understanding. Wisdom and Understanding is how do I take this Divine Consciousness and share it with my left brain so I know how to apply this wisdom in everything I am doing, thinking and saying.

When we have a loving thought that energy or thought goes across the whole Universe not just our Galaxy but all the Galaxies. It is a ripple that flows across the Universe. So our thoughts are affecting other planets and other stars. And, conversely, their thoughts are affecting us. We are receiving many Blessing of Love and Grace from the Beings on other Stars.

In my own path growing up, first I wanted to be a provider for my family, later on I tried many different religions but none ever felt right for me. I sensed that there was a difference between practicing a religion and following your own Spiritual Divine Oneness. As I began getting connected to my Divine Oneness it was like I will add healer, and spiritual teacher to my purpose in life. I was told that my real work would begin when I was 70. I still don't have a clue what my real work is. What I do know is my purpose is to "BE." To "BE" in a State of Divine Oneness.

To be in this consciousness whether I am watching CNN, the US Open Tennis matches, doing Healing or writing this Sharing, I AM to just "BE" My Divine Essence. Just "BE" it is so simple!

When you are in this State of Being you are like a huge transmitter sharing your Wisdom, sharing your Love, sharing your Grace and the Higher-Selves of all the people on the Planet, and all the animals, and all the plants will pick up the Love and Grace you are transmitting. We are the teachers for animals and if we are in Harmony they will be in Harmony.

Getting back to this message, I have it on good authority that about 5% of those who die graduate and break the cycle of Reincarnation. The other 95% get "Do-Overs" and we have been doing this for over 2,000 years. So back to the question: "What is does my Soul and Over-Soul [My Highest Spiritual Essence] want to accomplish in this life" becomes the most important thing that you can Remember. Your best Spiritual Teacher is your Highest Divine Essence since it knows exactly what your Soul and Over-Soul needs to complete in order to Graduate from this Earthly School.

While our Soul came from the Divine and it experienced many incarnations and separations [the path of involution] leaving Source - the Godhead, there is a part of our Being within us that retains this Divine Consciousness, a part of us retains this Godliness. This aspect of you knows everything that you need to Remember on your journey back into the Oneness [what we call evolution- the return home]. So it is asking your Highest Divine Essence what does it need to complete in this lifetime to be FREE. To Be LIBERATED!

Right now everyone is talking about Bhakti Yoga the Yoga of Love but you may have had 30 lifetimes of Mastering Love maybe there is something else that you need to Master so live the Life of your Angelic Being right now and nobody can tell you what that is for you. There is no book on the planet that can tell you what that is. There is no teaching that can tell what that is. The teaching that I was given is "The Inward Path" to get out of our head and going Inward to our Heart of Hearts, our Spiritual Heart Center, and become One With Our Divine Angelic Presence.

While I have shared a number of thoughts in this Sharing what I have said is irrelevant. What feels right to you in your Heart of Hearts is what is relevant for you and your Spiritual Awakening.

Create a new sense of identity and a new Life Script built upon your Divine Wisdom and Understanding filled with Love, Peace, Joy and Bliss as you are in Harmony and Oneness with your Pure Divine Essence. Our ego-self is our sense of identity and most of the time we build our ego-self on things we do and the outer world. But when our ego-self is built on the foundation that I AM a Child of Light, I AM a Child of Love, I AM Essence Divine that is Who I AM now your ego/personality-self is in Oneness with your Divine Essence.

I AM here to be the most PUREST ESSENCE I CAN BE. In doing this you have created Spiritual Freedom and you have broken the bonds of reincarnation.

When your Highest Spiritual Essence is Free, when you finish this life you can move forward to other experiences in this vast ocean of creation or you can take the "Second Death" in which your soul returns home into the ocean of Love and God, back to the Creator or Godhead.

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