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Ole Gabrielsen-Gem Stone Essence Attunements

Amethyst Essence Attunement

Third Eye Chakra/Calming/Releases Tension
Clear visons - gives birth to new ideas. Asociated with the third eye chakra. Transforming/transmutes negative energy. Has a calming effect on the mind. Promotes a sense of peace, calmness, serenity and well being. Releases tension. Speeds recover.

Amethyst Essence Attunement - Master-$15.00

Carneol Essence Attunement

For lower chakras and for Calming and energizing. Helps one take action while feeling anchored and comfortable. Protects against bad vibrations. Alleviates sorrow.

Carneol Essence Attunement - Master-$15.00

Citrine Essence Attunement

For Solar Plexus Chakra Citrine carrying power of the sun is the stone of success. Promotes positive vibrations manifesting abundance in all aspects of life. Financial success, love, health, happiness, optimism, confidence, etc. Enhances intuition, mental processes. Transmutes negativity stabilizing & protecting.

Citrine Essence Attunement - Master-$15.00

Clear Quartz Essence

Crown Chakra - Master Healer/"Mirror of the Soul- Clear Quartz Essence radiates the Divine within us at all levels. Known as the Master healing stone it assists with altered states of consciousness enhancing intuition, awareness, insight, harmony and focus. Eases and protects us in meditation, channeling, scrying, and development of psychic abilites. Increases motivation, confidence, self-esteem while supporting us in achieving our full potential.

Clear Quartz Essence Attunement- Master-$14.00

Red Jasper Essence Attunement

Red Jasper's protection also manifests during astral travel, which jasper is said to help facilitate. Promotes relaxation, contentment, helps ease emotional stress. Energy tools made with Red Jasper are excellent to keep with us at home or work.

Red Jasper Essence Attunement - Master-$15.00

Rhodonite Essence Attunement

It is safe to love/Self Love/Relationship
A key essence for the Rhodonite energy is "It is safe to love." Promotes self love and love for others. Helps us to see that it does not matter what other people think of us. Learn that giving is receiving. Learn to love without the fear of getting hurt. A good "relationship stone". Helps us overcome fear of rejection. Recognize love in others. Self worth. Red Jasper stabilizes our aura, rids it of dysfunctional energy, and brings balance to our energy bodies.

Rhodonite Essence Attunement- Master-$15.00

Rose Quartz Essence

Heart Chakra/Love/Protective- Also called "the love stone"

Rose Quartz is associated with the Heart chakra and with love in all it's aspects: Self-love, motherly love, love for others etc. Care/Protective.

Rose Quartz Essence Attunement- Master-$15.00

Sodalite Essence

Throat Chakra - Clarity/Calmness/Clears communication- Sodalite opens one to higher truth, bridges heart to mind allowing personal clarification, enhanced self-expression, and responding from a place of calm, inner knowing by drawing energy, information and wisdom from elevated spiritual bodies. Sodalite modulates and energizes fostering inner peace, inspiration, and creativity. Good alleviating stress and anxiety.

Sodalite Essence Attunement- Master-$15.00

Strawberry Quartz Essence Attunement

Love Blanket"/soothes/brings comfort
The energy of Strawberry Quartz works gentle. It does not "target" any specific chakra but rather wraps a "love blanket" around you. It soothes and brings comfort with it's compassing love. Great against grief and sorrow.

Strawberry Quartz Essence- Master-$15.00

Unakite Essence Attunement

Stability & Grounding
The Unakite energy helps us to accept the physical life and it's lessons. It encourages us to go on and helps us learn to live life to the fullest. It also promotes stability & grounding.

Unakite Essence Attunement - Master-$15.00

ALL Essence Attunements- Master-$115.00

You will receive the correct Essence Attunement master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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