Mizu Hari Empowerments

Mizu Hari Empowerments

Knowledge of Mizu Hari is Auspicious!

Mizu Hari Empowerments and techniques will enhance your personal and professional success!

Mizu Hari Empowerments primary benefits are spiritual.

"Mizu means water," Mani reveals. Hari is the connected energy center or sacral.

Mizu Hari Empowerments energize and empower water or oil for healing.

Mizu Hari Empowerments enables one to have powers of the healing Buddha!

The Mizu Hari ceremony energizes and purifies the 5 elements and ultimately fills one's entire being with divine light for attaining enlightenment.

Dr Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, empowered his close disciples with this knowledge.

Mizu Hari Empowerments connects Reiki to its original spiritual essence and channels energy to all your psychic centers.

Mizu Hari Empowerments merges the same energies with the energy of the healing Buddha.

The five elements have tremendous power to charge water.

You will be empowered and learn to use mystical symbols to impart the essence of the healing Buddha himself into the water.

When that water is dispensed, the body is charged with tremendous healing potential!

There are 11 Remarkable Empowerments in this Workshop Including:

1. Prayer to Shakyamum Buddha mantras Attunement
2. Prayer to Medicine Buddha mantras Attunement
3. 5 Separate Element Empowerments & Symbols
4. 3 Sacred Symbols Empowerments

Sacred Oath Must Be Agreed TO!

Mizu Hari Empowerments

"The healing energy of Medicine King Buddha is vast and without bounds. When we are able to actualize the concept in ourselves that no separation exists between ourselves and Medicine King Buddha, then we are able to fully utilize this healing energy in order to benefit ourselves and others, even if we have not actualized our inherent unity, we are nevertheless, able to utilize this energy to a greater or lesser degree according to the level of our accomplishment and achieve the purpose of healing." - Lama Yeshe

You will receive the Mizu Hari Empowermentspractioneer manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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