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Love Circulation

Created by Hari

Love Circulation Attunement gently opens the self to love and be loved - giving and receiving without expectation or need. Enhances your sense of self-acceptance, self-appreciation, and self-love. it helps us begin to see and love ourselves as the wonderful beings we already are.

Loving the self if the first step in allowing ourselves to be loved. Love Circulation Attunement helps to separate the mind from the heart and when these two are in a state of separation, then it is possible to hear the heart speak within you.

As humans we strive to be free, and true freedom comes from attaining that which is within. That which is within is the seed of Light. That Light is the seed of Love.

Love Circulation Attunement, seeks that seed within and attempts to kindle it into emergence. As that Light of Love emerges, it begins to burn and dissolve the barriers that separate you life from that seed of Love within.

Allow your mind to fall away and listen to your heart, then you will come close to Love. Then you will come close to the meaning of life.

Love Circulation Attunement is very good to use in our daily. And highly recommended to use if you have the following symptomps : Low self-esteem, Lack of self-confidence, Difficulty giving and receiving Love, Not taking care of self, Feeling Unworthy.

Love Circulation - Master-$20.00

You will receive the Love Circulation manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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