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Lightarian Workshops provides the highest vibrational Spiritual and Healing energies available. Lightarian Energies have been brought forth during these transformational times to assist humanity as we shift into a clearer, more balanced, higher vibrational state of being. Lightarian training is available to all who are sincere in their Spitiual unfoldment and wish an expanded sense of Self, the ability to channel finer vibrational energies, the ability to communicate with the higher dimensions and a greater sense of Wholeness.

Each Lightarian Ray has a particular focus and intention to support an essential aspect of your personal development. Taking the five-step progression of the Lightarian Rays creates a tremendous acceleration of "spiritual process"...launching transformation in your life, perhaps more quickly and effectively with more grace and joy than you would naturally be experiencing. Much like a musical instrument can be "tuned," via the Lightarian Rays your subtle energy fields can be "attuned" with the higher vibrational energies of the Masters in order to accelerate your spiritual development. The energy work set in motion by these five attunements cumulatively creates an ongoing, long-term transformational process for you. Once you are attuned via the Rays, the Masters serve as your guides in the background...all in complete collaboration with your Higher Self energies.

Maitreya's Empowerment Ray-$75.00-Master

Maitreya's Empowerment Ray is inspired by Ascension Master Maitreya, stimulates a dramatic "spiritual awakening"...triggering waves of self empowerment in all areas of your life. This Ray serves as the foundation for the next four Rays.

"As architect of the global, human ascension plan for planet Earth, I invite you to step more powerfully into your role as part of this divine process. I offer you this Empowerment Ray to trigger an acceleration within you, to stimulate your process of energy activations and to open you to higher levels of Light. Your participation is required in this grand plan. The time for empowered action has arrived and I invite you to join with us in this extraordinary human and planetary transformation!"

Maitreya's Empowerment Ray-$75.00-Master

El Morya's Clearing Ray-$75.00-Master

El Morya's Clearing Ray launches a gentle, yet effective "etheric deep cleaning"...stripping away all of your adverse soul programming.

"Lightarian Clearing is an expression of my intention to bring forth a divine wave of personal empowerment on Earth at this time.... through the process of clearing the etheric fields and physical bodies of Earth Humans."

El Morya's Clearing Ray-Master

Ascended Master Buddha's Healing Ray-$75.00-Master

Ascended Master Buddhas Healing Ray, initiates a powerful process of wholistic self-healing...returning you to a state of balance and alignment.

"During your Earth history, my healing energies have long been broadly available to support humanity's often challenging quest for balance and wholeness. It is time for humans to take a more active, empowered role in their healing process. Via the Healing Ray, I am now making my energies available to you in a more focused way in order to raise your inner vibration and facilitate greater self-healing on all levels of your being."

Ascended Master Buddhas Healing Ray-Master

Sananda's Activation Ray-$75.00-Master

Sananda's Activation Ray, activates your latent etheric coding and triggers ongoing spiritual initiations...allowing more of your Higher Self energies to flow into your day-to-day life.

"The vibrations of both Earth humanity and Mother Earth herself are being lifted at this time as the extraordinary processes of human development and global ascension move forward in an accelerated way. You are an essential part of this transformation, as you strive to raise your personal vibration through the activation and purification of your etheric energy fields. I welcome the opportunity to support you as you reach for those higher vibration levels that lie within you."

Sananda's Activation Ray-Master

St. Germain's Manifestation Ray-$75.00-Master

St. Germain's Manifestation Ray, expands your capacity for manifesting on all levels...opening you to attract spiritual, mental, emotional and physical abundance... all to serve your highest purpose!

"I have come forward during these changing and challenging times to once again work toward lifting the spiritual vibration of humankind. A Ray of my energies is now available for you to use as you strive to manifest greater joy and spiritual abundance in all levels of your life. Through the Manifestation Ray, I will walk with you along your path, assisting you in stepping courageously and authentically into your future role of highest service to humanity and Mother Earth."

St. Germain's Manifestation Ray-$75.00-Master

The Lightarian Rays can be received in any order; however, our general recommendation is to follow the sequence of energy work as outlined above for maximum effectiveness. Always tune in to your own intuition and higher wisdom, as you choose which Rays to take, the sequence in which to receive them and the pace you would like to set for yourself. Receiving a Lightarian Ray is very convenient and affordable. They are passed on to you by the Institutes Master Practitioner via a simple, guided meditation technique, called an "attunement" which can be done, in-person, telephone or long distance. You can receive the different Ray Attunements as a Client or as part of our effective, affordable Lightarian Ray Teacher Attunement program.

All 5 Rays At One Time-$225.00

Victor- I also want you to know that the M-Ray from yesterday was tremendously powerful. I was full of energy from head to toe afterwards and when I laid in bed last night my whole body vibrated with an energetic presence. All of the Ray attunements have created a very deep emotional, mental and physical purification while at the same time giving me a sense of peace and clarity. The Lightarian Rays are truly a blessing and I look forward to receiving the Sourcelink. SD

Hi Victor-I don't know how to say this but during last night's clearing attunement, which started off calmly, I was at peace, then I noticed or felt a black sheet or veil in front of me. Suddenly I noticed pinholes in this veil and shafts of light were coming through. As the holes got bigger, the shafts of light got bigger, then a Angelic figure, [Seraph Rose Aura] torn the veil and led me through to a bright land of light, the message I heard was, "You are Loved". I thought you should know about this. Thanks for a memorable attunement. Blessings, Peter

You will receive the correct Lightarian Ray manual via email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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