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Lemuria Star Magic

Created by Solina Grill Mitterhofer

- Set your Anchor for the 999 Awakening

Lemuria Star Magic is a high-energy magic star system of the time of completion!

In this high-energy activation, you will receive initiation into the Star Magic - The Priesthood of the stars.

Jesus Christ you will, if your soul is ready to accompany you to Lemuria and perform this initiation with the 12 priests from the priesthood star.

There, in the large crystal temples of Lemuria, you will receive a high-energy ceremony, cosmic initiation as a priest of star magic.

A priest of the stars is wise, prudent, quiet and full of energy and he has a high awareness, combined with all that is.

Magical powers are the energies of life itself. Magic is an eminently religious matter in which we unite with our Gods and create the new earth. In the beginning of all being there were 12 priests of the stars from the fields of El'Shaddai chosen to act with the divine. These are the 12 priests of the Priesthood Star Light and guardians of star magic.

Star magic is the original magic of being. Many priest and priestesses served in Lemuria and now the time is here to awaken the guardians and bearers of Star Magic from the time of Lemuria.

When your soul is ready Jesus will accompany you to the dimensional portal to Lemuria and perform this initiation with the 12 priest of the Star Priesthood. There is a great crystal temple of Lemura and you will receive in a high-energy ceremony, initiation to Priesthood of the cosmic Star Magic.

You will receive the manual and attunement by chi ball call in method with certificate and lineage avail upon request.

Lemuria Star Magic - Master-$125.00

You will receive the Lemuria Star Magic manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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