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Kundalini Activation

Created by Gaby Solina Grill-Mitterhofer

- Clear mind, open full energy, open, cleanse, activate all chakras, creates unified chakras! -

A high-energy activation system for the New Age

This magnetic energy is the energy of the modern era.

This is needed to save the planet Earth, in the pick up magnetic fields back to God.

The Kundalini Activation of modern times, was master `LAO TSE'! This is energy transmitted for the health of people who are already in the new energy there.

Because the frequencies of Lady Gaia beings increase steadily, to change their systems and their energy.

Many people still have problems accepting the techniques of modern times.

But the New Energy - The simplicity of BEING is the REALITY.

This high-energy activation of the modern era, clears your mind and opens your full energy. It cleanses and activates all your chakras and creates your unified chakra.

your pranic tube is cleaned and will connect to your higher self!

Your vibration level is lifted so healing can happen - if your mind allows it!

Kundalini Activation - Master-$125.00

Hi- It was so blissful...thank you so much.

Thank you Victor for the very powerful Kundalini Activation Attunement. The energies came in very strong and after several hours now I am still feeling the effects. Regards and Blessings, Sal

You will receive the Kundalini Activation manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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