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Jay Burrell's Flush Empowerments

Acceptance, Communication, Ego, Forgiveness, Grounding, Jealousy

Acceptance Flush Empowerment

Self acceptance is loving and being happy with who you are.

Some people call it self-esteem while others call it self-love, whatever name you give to it; you will know when you are allowing the energies of self acceptance are flowing through you because it feels great.

Through the acceptance of the Acceptance Flush Empowerment and regular activation of the energies, you will learn to look at yourself as the true spiritual being that you really are.

The Acceptance Flush Empowerment. - Master-$15.00

The Communication Flush Empowerment

Are you afraid of telling someone how you feel?

Are you scared of speaking out loud at social events?

Are you confused and afraid of expressing who you really are in the fear that you will not be liked or it might upset someone?

These are all natural feelings that the human consciousness will have during your lifetime but there are simple yet effective ways in which you can transform these fears into an ability to speak directly from the heart which will empower not only your own spiritual path but will also empower you to feel more confident within yourself and with who you are.

Through the use of the Communication Flush Empowerment energies, you will be able to find the courage and power within to open the door to a new found sense of self expression and communication.

The Communication Flush Empowerment - Master-$15.00

Ego Flush Empowerment

When we take our first few steps into the realms of spirituality, there comes a feeling of excitement but this excitement for some can lead into a feeling of superiority for having done or achieved what the masses have not. Instead of feeling humbled that the divines grace has allowed us to take this important first step, we can at times feel a 'spiritual high' comprising of conceit and arrogance.

This is the beginning of "Spiritual Ego", a false sense of superiority over those who have not made their first moves into the realms of spiritual learning or if you are a spiritual teacher can give you a sense of superiority when someone else has not accumulated the amount of knowledge or healing abilities that you have.

The Ego Flush Empowerment energy flush empowerment will give you freedom from the ego self and releasement of wanting to be better or feeling that you are better than someone else will be achieved in an easy but powerful way.

The Ego Flush Empowerment - Master-$15.00

Forgiveness Flush Empowerment

Forgiveness is a decision to let go of resentments and thoughts of revenge.

The act that hurt or offended you might always remain a part of your life, but through self forgiveness and the forgiveness of others this can lessen its grip on you and help you focus on other, more positive aspects of your life.

The Forgiveness Flush Empowerment on its own can help with this but it is recommended that you receive the attunements to the Acceptance Flush Empowerment and the Karmic Flush Empowerment too.

This will greatly aid you in accepting these past hurts and karmic bonds, embracing them as being part of who you are so it is hoped that you can finally release them back into the universal consciousness tobe transmuted into light which will bring true forgiveness back into your life.

If you are not already trained to work with higher dimensional Light, the energies may not activate for you.

The Forgiveness Flush Empowerment- Master-$15.00

Grounding Flush Empowerment

When we are heavily engaged in spiritual work, staying grounded can be very challenging.

We might find that we are just too busy to take the time to ground ourselves or we just forget.

Forgetting to ground can cause you to regularly feel that you are floating around on a cloud after a great workshop/attunement, or feel particularly blissed out after a long meditation session.

This “spiritual high” is a blessed event and a wonderful thing to happen but we have to remember that we exist here on the physical plane and we are here for a reason.

Through regular use of The Grounding Flush Empowerment, it will quickly open your higher chakras to enable a strong grounding energy vibration to descend from the godhead conciousness.

This energy vibration will then flow through you in a beam of golden white light which causes a very effective grounding to take place.

The Grounding Flush Empowerment - Master-$15.00

Jealousy Flush Empowerment

To compare yourself with another is the seed and jealousy is the fruit that grows from this seed. Jealousy is a spiritual hinderance and it's roots are in low self esteem. Are you jelous of the successes of others? Do you wish you had their looks, their job, their house, their web site. Many time this comes from low self esteem and this flush will assit to bring all into balance.

The Jealousy Flush Empowerment - Master-$14.50

You will receive correct Flush Empowerment master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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