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Independence Empowerment

Created by Mariah Windsong

Independence Empowerment is for anyone who is missing someone who used to be in their life. This could be due to schedule changes or a change in the status of a relationship or maybe the person has passed away.

Maybe they are simply busy and things you used to do together, you are now doing alone.

There are energy functions to bring your helping healing guardians in order to be present with you to witness your sadness. Later you can release some of your sadness with another energy function.

Sadness Witness Team is a clarion call to the helping healing ones of eternal love, light and life who arrive to bear witness to your sadness.

1) Do you know why you are sad?
2) Is it just a vague sense of why, or easy to identify?
3) Do you feel another persons sadness strongly, but may have thought it was you feeling sad about the person yourself
4) Do you feel like part of that persons sadness is your fault, and therefore you should bear some of the sadness feeling if it helps that person feel better.

The Independence Empowerment can be useful for people in these situations:

The amount of time a friend spends with you declines
The amount of time a mate spends with you declines
The relationship with another person changes in definition
You finish a project and do not know what to do with yourself
An obligation is complete and through your time is freed up you do not know what to do with yourself even though you have a long list of should dos.
A loved one passes away and nothing feels the same specially birthdays, holidays
You have said goodbye to a friend who is not good for you and must fill in the time you used to spend with them.
A pet passes away or you must give your pet away due to changed in your work or living situation
A person who relied on you for advice is more independent and you miss them turning to you
Your TV series is done for the season and you have free time and do not remember what you used to do before that season started!
Your work schedule changes and the people you used to spend time with when not working are at work now and you feel lost.
You need strength to stay away from people who are not good for you.
You feel sad about a situation, person or pet and need to stay in those feelings as long as you want to, yet need to feel like someone else knows what you are going through
You are ready to move on emotionally yet the sadness will not budge.

Sadness Release which assists the sadness to start moving through you. and will help get the energy to move if it has been stuck.

Independence Empowerment which gives you an internal motivation and affinity for doing things on your own.

Independence Empowerment - Master-$33.00

You will receive the Independence Empowerment master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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