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Ilmu Rajah Kala Chakra

Rajah Kala Chakra comes from strength and confidence of God.

After accepting the attunement to Rajah Kala Chakra, you will be protected and a protection energy will be attached in front of your chest, with light sparkling.

The Science Rajah Kala Cakra is an ancient science the ancestors of Indonesia, Java.

Besides being used for protection to eliminate different kinds of life troubles!

  1. Yamaraja... Jaramaya: return attack become pity compassion
  2. Yamarani...Niramaya : who come with ugly intention will be opposed
  3. Yamiroda... Daromiya: whom force, returning to give full discretion and freedom
  4. Yamidosa... Sadomiya: who do sin return to do service
  5. Yadayuda... Dayudaya: who fight to return become peace
  6. Yaciyaca... Cayasiya: who make fatal return to make secure, prosperous and healthy
  7. Yasihama.. Mahasiya: who make to destroy to return develop;build and darling
  8. Protection from all black science attack
  9. Protection from others beign attack like Genie, Genderuwo and others
  10. Protection from all ugly things and badness
  11. Refuse all attacks
  12. Bad intentions become good things
  13. Refuses all bad emotions of enemy, vindictive and covet
  14. Makes occult fence around your house, shop and others
  15. More benefits

Ilmu Rajah Kala Chakra - Master-$215.00

Hi, Thank you very much, Victor! Wow what a wonderful initiation! My heart chakra heated up a lot! It got really hot! No Words to thank! Your Atttunments are the best! thank you so much! many blessings of light to you! Rafael

You will receive the Ilmu Rajah Kala Chakra manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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