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Hnoss & Gersemi

Created by Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

- Love, Sensuality, Beauty -

The two daughters of Freyja, considered the continuity or maternal aspects of beauty, were revered as goddesses of love.

They, however, also represented the continuation of life on all planes of existence, revealing to men that beauty of the Goddess is always present, everywhere, at all times, in all beings. Hnoss Gersemi and symbolize the divine spark that exists within us, even when we are not aware of it. Hnoss means "treasure"; Gersemi means "jewel, " and the Goddess got rich offerings to give beauty, sexuality and love to worship him.

His gift was to awaken love and enhance the ability of people to deliver. Gersemi ("Gem" or "Precious Object") was the daughter of Freyja and Odr and sister of Hnoss.

She was the goddess of precious objects, often also seen as a goddess of infatuation. Hnoss and Gersemi were very beautiful, gems and jewels were named after them. Goddesses Hnoss & Gersemi Will Help You:

Enhance your Beauty/Enhance Love
Enhance your Sexuality/Increase Sexual Desire
Attract a Loved One to You/Awaken The Love in You and Others
Be More Sensual

Hnoss & Gersemi - Master-$20.00

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