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Heartache Healer

Created by Mariah Windsong Couture

Heartache Healer is an energy system comprised of 3 levels. After you receive your attunements, it is recommended that you activate the energies and participate consciously with a guided meditation to enhance benefits.

Many people associate pain with love because of past painful experiences.

If you do not want to forget what the love for that person feels like, it is common to hold on to the pain also. For separating the two isnít easy when you are in the middle of the feelings. Love/pain Separator energy function is included in Heartache Healer Energy system so that you can separator those two feelings. This needs to be done in the form of a guided meditation initially. Later, for re-activations of Love/pain Separator you can simply activate it by its name rather than having to go through the entire meditation.

Rainbow Moonstone Shakti assists you to feel love in a positive way. Many people associate pain with love because of past painful experiences. Moonstone energies can help you with your inward journey and to retrieve the parts of yourself that may have been lost or neglected due to an emotional wound. This Shakti can help you to fully accept yourself and come to peace with any actions or words said in the past, and the feelings about missed opportunities. Rainbow Moonstone Shakti is a powerful feminine force that helps you regain your inner and outer glow.

If you are a man, Rainbow Moonstone Shakti can help heal your relationship with any woman.

There is a special empowerment to a bird, included in level 3. This bird's assistance addresses a very important reason why many people can't move past the hurt. There are negative energies in the astral realms referred to as larvae. They appeared to me as wasp larvae. I was shown how, in the inner realms, those energy larvae feed on the energies of pain.

They prefer that a person stay feeling pain so that there is more energy food. They lodge in those spaces keeping emotional wounds open. This special bird, here on Earth, once attuned to their empowerment, will arrive to you in the spiritual realms and clean you energetically, removing any astral larvae so that your emotional wounds can heal.

Heartache Healer - Master-$53.00

You will receive the Heartache Healer manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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