Golden Tara

"Golden Tara Is Your Savior!" ~ Victor

"She is the great void, the STAR from which everything was born and
who leads towards the unending cycle of liberation." - Mahasundari Tantra

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Golden Tara Worshop Attunements will connect you to Golden Tara so She will hear your cries and help you.

The 4 new Golden Tara Empowerments still embody: Wisdom, Compassion, Protection, Long Life and Health so her presence on earth is felt instantaneously.

Golden Tara, the Great Compassionate Mother, is the archetype of all the 21 Taras and facsimiles and other worldly representations of Divine good!

Golden Tara is the Primordial Mother Goddess and one of the oldest energies man has ever known.

Golden Tara is not exclusive to any one religion or sect but is for all peoples!

Golden Tara Workshop contains the new manifestations of the ancient energies!

Golden Tara is ready to guard and protect you from the cradle to beyond the grave.

Golden Tara will help you overcome obstacles and save you from physical and spiritual danger.

Golden Tara will lead you beyond the darkness of life and death.

Golden Tara will transform your consciousness into illumination love transcendent!

Golden Tara-Practitoner Level-$135.00

Thank you- I appreciate your help! Just thought I'd let your know I am enjoying the Golden Tara initiations! I use the Fear Clearing Shatki each day and it really is helping me! They all are wonderful! Thank You Very Much

Hi Victor, I dont know how to thank you for the attunement. It has been great since I took it twice. I am very grateful. Regards, Anita

Hi Victor, I could feel many things moving in my body. After all the attunement I felt relaxed and very tired. It was amazing experience. Regards, Anita

You will receive the Golden Tara manual via Email, 4 Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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