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Friendship is a basic and foremost requirement of life. It requires time to look at people, know them, show interest in them and listen to them. Once in action, we are into the never ending adventure of friendship.

Friendship is a common thing but it is not the same for everyone. Each friendship is unique in style, display, communication, enjoyment and maintenance. It is unique for the simple fact that individuals are unique. When two unique people develop this relationship, then there shines the special different star of friendship on the outspread sky of life. The intensity of its radiation depends on the amount of interest, time, love, care and support given to it. The more ingredients you put in, the brighter it shines.

As said by the famous poet John Keats A thing of beauty is a joy forever, Friendship is a beautiful thing which brings joy. It keeps the soul safe and peaceful. It involves people who are pliable, ready to change for good. It is sharing of love in a way that the more you give out love the more you will be filled with.

True friendship brings mutual benefit. It is like a fortune lying in the depths of the ocean. You’ve got to dive in deep to find it. It is like a mighty mountain, strong and firm.

It is incredible pleasure can be obtained only when we reach its zenith, climbing together with least care of the hardships, sticking close, growing strong and believing best.

By Pearl Calvin

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