The world is a flower. Gods are flowers. Enlightened ones are flowers. All phenomena are flowers.

Red flowers, white flowers, green flowers, yellow flowers, black flowers, all the different kind of the colors of flowers, all of the the different kinds of love's shining forth.

Life unfolds from life and returns to life. Such an immense universe! Oh many lives! Flowers of gratitude, flowers of sorrow, flowers of suffering, flowers of joy, laughter's flowers, anger's flowers, heaven's flowers, hell's flowers.

Each connected to the others and each making the others grow.

When our real mind's eye opens this world of flowers, all beings to shine, music echoes through mountains and oceans.

One's world becomes the world of millions. The individual becomes the human race. All lives become the individual-- billions of mirrors all reflecting each other.

There is death and there is life, there is no death and no life.

There is changing life, there is unchanging life. Flowers change color, moment by moment. Such a vivid world! Such a bright you! ... You were born out of these flowers, you give birth to these flowers.

You have no beginning and no ending, you are bottomless and limitless, even as you are infinitesimal dust ... You are the flower.

You are love.

All beings shine out of their uniqueness, all melt into the oneness of colors.

You are one, you are many, only one moment, only one unique place, only the unique you.

Beside you there is nothing: You dance, appearing in all. From nowhere you come, to nowhere you go.

You stay nowhere. You are nowhere attached. You occupy everything, you occupy nothing.

You are the becoming of indescribable change.

You are love. You are the flower.


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