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Energy Levels Transmutation Device

Created by Hari

Energy Levels Transmutation Device is a wonderful and unique energetic device that Provides stimulation to the throat chakra with a calming effect. It facilitates transmutations of lower energies into higher frequencies of both spiritual and ethereal levels.

This device is representative of the principles of complete metamorphosis. It balances the energies of the mind, emotions and physical bodies and provides a clear connection between the Earth plane and the other worlds. It clears the aura and stabilizes and transmutes any dysfunctional energy.

Energy Levels Transmutation Device also bestows stability, strength, invigoration and peace. The peace being the perfect peace, which was present prior to birth. The device brings cosmic energy that helpful in conducting the energy of calm and peacefulness to help one to both enter and maintain a peaceful state.

It can be used to protect against psychic attacks. It transforms the energy from the attack into positive, loving energy. It assists in the assimilation of new ideas. The device allows one to activate the energy to produce a realignment of energy bodies, while providing for stimulus to rectify disassociation between the aspects of cause and effect. It provides insight into the actualized self in order to facilitate change towards the ultimate state of perfection.

Energy Levels Transmutation Device can be used to expedite the removal of unwanted energy implants from ones physical and auric bodies.

Energy Levels Transmutation Device - Master-$32.00

You will receive the Energy Levels Transmutation Device manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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