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Energetic Blessings MP4 Videos

By Victor

Choose Either: Renew Life Force, Strengthen Eyes, Soul Unfoldment MP4

You will receive one Charged Video and one Attunement for each Energy you choose!

The videos radiate significant energetic vibration!

The supporting Attunement increases the power and the effectiveness of the video energy many times over!

You will then be able to replay the video and experience the energy of the individual energy you have chosen as you are guided!

The videos (around 50 seconds each) will be effective for a very long time so you will be able play and replay them over and over again enhancing their effectiveness for you!

Energetic Blessings Renew Life Force

To feel full of vitality and health, your Life Force energy must be at optimum levels.

The 50 second video you will receive (set playback to endless replay loop) plus the included technique and Attunement can give you incredible amounts of life force over time!

As your life force renews itself you will return to balance and harmony!

You life force will be expanded to animate your body.

Energetic Blessings: Renew Life Force-practitioner-$85.00

Energetic Blessings: Strengthen Eyes

We are presenting a new yet simple & powerful system to strengthen your eyes over time!

Energy Healing on a fundamental principle that the body is can heal itself if given the right energy!

The energy you will receive will strengthen and balance your eyes energetic profile so they can become healthy!

Your eyes will function properly and the subtle energy, you will be using will accelerate your bodys natural ability to heal itself.

Energetic Blessings: Strengthen Eyes Practitioner-$85.00

Energetic Blessings: Soul Unfoldment

The energies you will receive are very highly evolved and powerful!

They will harmonize and transform your Souls energetic processes.

Your Soul will become balanced with Life Force!

You will feel full of energy, joy, and have a greater zest for life.

Energetic Blessings: Soul Unfoldment Practitioner- $125.00

Energetic Blessings: Psychic Protection

This Video and Attunement will assist you in defending yourself from psychic attacks & many different types of negative energies!

Nothing is 100% but this package will help you greatly!

Psychic attacks are very real so energetic protection is a perfect way to help defend yourself.

The vibratory energies created by the regular viewing of this video helps to dissolve negative energy to give you mental peace!

The radiations will nourish you and protect you from from all kinds unwanted vibrations.

Energetic Blessings: Psychic Protection-practitioner-$125.00

You will receive correct Practitioner manual via Email. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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