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Earth Bound Spirit Flush

Created by Hari

Earthbound spirits are disembodied people who have remained attached to the physical realm, that did not move into the light after their physical bodies expired.

Ghosts are lost souls, no matter how nice the ghost may seem. When the body dies, the spirit of the person should move unto the light, where loved ones and a feeling of peace, love, and joy are experienced.

Departed pure and clean spirits may visit loved ones for different clan reasons and may become a spirit guides, or messenger (angels). Clean spirits are of light and come from the light. Earthbound spirits (ghosts) are not of light, they are lost souls and are in darkness. That does not necessarily mean a ghost will have ill-intent, it simply means the condition of the disembodied spirit is unhealthy.Earthbound Spirits Flush channeled as special cleansing and protection tool hold a very powerful vibration of protection against ghosts.

Earth Bound Spirit Flush helps you to: Assist ghosts (earthbound spirits) to leave an area.

Protect against harmful unseen energies, blocking intrusive vibrations.

Increase personal power and protect against fear and envy. Ground spiritual energies.

Protect from other people negativities. Cleanse negative energies, replacing them with loving energies. Increase well-being.

Protect against and eliminate psychic attack

Earth Bound Spirit Flush - Master-$40.99

You will receive the Earth Bound Spirit Flush master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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