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Dragonsoul is a mantra based Energy system with the energy of cosmic helpers, angels, dragons and ascended Masters.

Dragonsoul and the connected techniques and meditations described here are under copyright.

This shall not be a harassment, but a protection to get the system as a whole. Texts are too often distorted (often through good intention) passing on in statements or integrated in other systems. Then the effect is, however, controversial.

There are always additions to systems these definitely make sense and are useful to the complete system. But then this also should come to good for all users of Dragonsoul. For this reason I ask that every new teacher of this system is registered with me, so that the passing on of the updates also are ensured and every teacher and student has the opportunity to receive the same knowledge.

want this. In a nutshell:

1. Please pass the text on just like it was drawn up here
2. Mention the teacher trained by you to me in a short mail for the purpose of registration.
3. Updates are passed on to the teachers by me.
4. Exchange of experience is important. Therefore write to me.
5. An energy system grows with the experiences of the users

Dragonsoul Energy is under copyright. A sale of the attunements and/or manual isn't permitted. This system further must be given as it was received.

Once again: A sale or also (Ebay) auction of the attunement or the time expenditure necessary for it is a clear violation of the existing copyright.

Every user of the system agrees to these guidelines.

Degrees of Dragonsoul Energies

Dragon Claw - Hand Degree

One can make a full treatment in a quarter hour with this system. Longer is too strong and causes irritations. care, how long one establishes his hands ... The Dragonclaw degree can be used simultaneously

Dragon Master - Teacher Degree-This degree is needed to give attunements in Dragonsoul

Dragon Earth - Earthangel Degree - Communication and Meditation with the Earthangels

Dragon Sensei - Degree of the ascended Masters - Working with with ascended Masters

Dragon Faery - Working with the Faeries

Dragon Tree - Working with the Eneregies of the Trees

Dragon Stone - This degree is needed for programming Dragonstones

Dragonheart - The heart of the dragon was always the seat of the well-being energy. This degree is to ease painful conditions. In connection with the Dragonfar degree it is even possible to send this well-being energy to others at a distance.

Dragonlove - Degree of universal Love - Universal Love and Forgiveness

Dragon-Phantasy-Animal - Poweranimals of Phantasy - Self explaining

Dragon-Air-Animal - Poweranimals of the Air - Self explaining

Dragon-Water-Animal - Poweranimals of the Water - Self explaining

Dragon-Fire-Animal - Poweranimals of the Fire - Self explaining

Dragon-Earth-Animal - Poweranimals of the Earth - Self explaining

Dragon-Witch-Plants - Degree of the magic Plants - Etheric Whitch Plants

Dragonclearing - Cleaningdegree - Self explaining

Dragon Essence Degree - With this degree you may produce essences for rooms and aura


You will receive the correct Dragonsoul Manual via Email, correct Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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