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Dragon of Kuan Yin

Created by Ramon Martinez Lopez

The sacred dragons are benevolent and fully conscious beings.

They exist and are to a degree a part of the Earth and humanity.

They have supreme and divine intelligence and are extremely advanced. They are protectors of humanity and the planet and are awakening to a greater role in the Cosmic Trigger.

These beings are masters of what kundalini is designated and as such are involved in design aspects of ley lines and lines that are actually dragon arteries of the life force on your planet.

They are awake and have a major role in the formation of new lines of energy within the electromagnetic wave of the Cosmic Trigger.

Benevolent dragons are sacred beings who still live on planet earth.

Awaken the Sacred Dragon!

Dragon of Kuan Yin- Master-$50.00

You will receive the Dragon of Kuan Yin manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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