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Divine Love Heart

Created By Hari

The Divine Love Heart is aprocess that turns on your spiritual energy which unites in pure divine love of God. During this process God is able to connect you more strongly to hispower which strengthens the divine energy coming from your sub-consciousness.

Divine Love Heart has 2 attunements, that is Divine Love Attunement and SacredHeart of God Attunement.

Divine Love Heart energy is an evolved form of divine cosmic energy, which extends to Divine spiritual energies have no boundaries or division.

This is a very valuable and uplifting technique of attunement that strengthens the connection to God andincreases divine ability all humanity as a bridge that reconnects us directlyto our innate God-essence.

Some benefits of Divine Love Heart:

It raises our vibration, our awareness and desire for self realization It protects us from low frequency, outside negative energies.

Those who open their hearts to the Sacred Heart of God begin to vibrate at a higher frequency and feel the awakening power of the cosmic energy.

It increases the healing and healing power of the person thousand folds.

The divine energy's provides a strong psychic protection which eliminates a healer's vulnerability to their clients' negative energies.

Creative and manifesting power of the persons increases with the Divine energy.

It opens the door for unconditional love of God/Divine and seeks his help as a mentor, a guide and a healer. You will receive distant attunement, pdf manual sent via email.

Divine Love Heart - Master-$39.99

You will receive the Divine Love Heart manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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