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Diammeta Stone Distant Attunement

Founded By Margaret Hilmer:

- Diamond and Metatron - Powerful Energy, Improves Financial Condition - Make Correct Decisions, Removes Blocks,

From the Founder, Margaret, I received this energy during the attunement process for my student into the Diamond of prosperity by Nicole Lanning: I felt Metatron's presence which was emanating powerful silver rays on me, on my student and around us. I watched the diamond and its rays.

Then Metatron said to me: Dear Margaret, you have seen a powerful stone which I give you. Please, give it further to others. It will attract improvement of a financial condition and will guide you in taking of correct decisions. It is not an usual diamond: its rays wrap up not only a person, but also some layers of his aura.

This powerful stone is in continuous rotation and never stops. Also it sends small rotating round own axis diamonds where there are blockages. New diamonds will always go out from silver rays of the Big diamond, and this condition never will stop.

Why are you giving me this powerful stone during the attunement to the Diamond of prosperity? Does it belong to this system?

No, it doesn't belong to this system. This diamond belongs to you. You should give it further to others.

What does it allow?

This diamond removes blockages. It rotates constantly. My diamond leads to progress. However, please, remember that each person perceives the word prosperity by his own way, this word has many meanings and can be reflected differently, but always positively.

What is the stones name?

The diamond is called Diammeta.

Why Diammeta?

This word is formed of 2 words:

Diamond and Metatron. So Diammeta, You should call this system Diammeta Stein.

The Diamond is connected with energy of welfare and my energy.

Otherwise this system would be called Metatrons Diamond of prosperity.

But I didn't like this name. Therefore I named welfare diamond Diammeta. Share my powerful stone with others.

You will see, how quickly changes happen. Trust me! I am your guide which is always near you.

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.

Diammeta Stone Distant Attunement- Master- $95.00

You will receive the Diammeta Stone Distant Attunement Master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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