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Depression Eclipse Reiki

Created By Mariah Windsong

Depression Eclipse is an energy system which eclipses depression and fosters self worth through out all the places and times you are.

The My energy functions are using the keyword My to uniquely personalize each energy function for exactly what you need each time you consciously activate it! My Body Integration for your body to better thrive in with you in a co-creative way. My Atomic Healing is an energy function that works at all levels of your physicality and bodys energy fields to restore your energy.

My Zero Point Symmetry works with the waves and particles which hold resonance to your soul, anywhere and everywhere they are.

My Inner Portal of Communion is a portal you will use to commune with those who you love, no matter where they are in this or any other world. This energy function first sets forth the energetic structure of the portals within your body and energy fields. Thereafter your 2nd and 3rd acivations of this energy provides a visit for you with beings from the spiritual realm who you miss and love.

This is a very powerful energy function and with practice can bring you the communion you need to feel whole. Your awareness of space and time will be altered in the hour or two after you've activated this energy function, so please no driving of mechanical vehicles directly thereafter.

My Inner Portal of Communion is an energy function that can bring you an expansive feeling of unity with all that is pure and good.

Depression Eclipse Reiki- Master-$39.00

You will receive the Depression Eclipse Reiki manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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