Crystal Dragon

Crystal Dragon

Founder: Jay Burrell

Here is Jay's story:

One evening, I went out into the garden and sat under my Grounding tree.

I placed 3 Dragon Eggs between my hands in prayer position and raised them above my head then I asked the Dragons to bless the Eggs with their Energies and to also bless me.

What happened next was totally unexpected.

I could feel the Dragon Energy coming in through my fingertips flowing through each stone then travelling down through all my Chakras opening and cleansing each one as it flowed through them down into mother Earth.

When I could feel the Energies calming down I heard in my mind a loud rough voice telling me that I had just received the Attunements and knowledge of the Crystal Dragons and that this knowledge and set of Spiritual Attunements should be passed onto as many people as possible to prepare us all for the hard times that are coming.

I was told that a great Energy Shift of Planet Earth was on its way and that the Dragons were going to make themselves known to us again at this time to help us through this transition.

The Dragons are here with us now but they live at a higher Vibration than we do, this is why we do not see them as often as we used to.

This system is not a Healing System.

I was told that the 3 Crystal Dragon Attunements were for Spiritual Development and Spiritual Progression.

I was also shown a Key that was to be placed within the Palms, Heart and Brow Chakra during the 3rd Crystal dragon Attunement.

This will enable you to enter into the Crystal Dragon Realms during Meditation.

The 3 crystal Dragons are:

The Clear Quartz Dragon
The Rose Quartz dragon
The Amethyst Dragon

You will need the 3 Dragon Eggs for these Attunements.

The Crystal Dragon Manual includes the following information:

~The 3 Crystal dragons

~A Guided Dragon Meditation so you can meet you Dragon Companion who will always be with you sitting on your shoulder.

~Information on the bodys Chakra System. ~A very powerful Chakra Meditation

Crystal Dragon - Master Level-$30.00

You will receive the Crystal Dragon - Master Level Level manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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