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World Peace Crystal Grid

This is a picture of the World Peace Crystal Grid as it lays on the snow at the magnetic North Pole.

It was placed there by William Rand one of the most influential figures in American Reiki today. William is of a wonderful Breed of Reiki Masters who are dedicated to the Healing of Humanity and the relieving of suffering of all Sentient Beings.

In the words of William "If we are to create peace on Earth, it will be important for us to take the time to really understand and appreciate all groups of people. This includes other nationalities, other religious and spiritual groups and groups of every kind.

If you are a Reiki practitioner, remember it is important that there be harmony between all Reiki people regardless of organization or lineage. The Grid can be used for this purpose as well.

The better all Reiki practitioners and masters work together in harmony to heal each other and the planet, the more successful we will be. We are at such a critical time in the history of the earth that if the human population is to survive and also to prosper, we need to truly value and respect each other.

Every person and every group of people on earth has something of value to contribute and until we realize this and really respect all groups of people, we will not be able to be at peace within ourselves or to create peace in the world. As harmony grows between some groups, it will be easier for others until the process is complete. Once there is peace among all people on earth, a tremendous time of prosperity and well being will ensue not only for people, but for all living things."

You can charge this grid with Reiki thus increasing the healing energy it sends out to the world. Just draw the Usui distant symbol and begin sending Reiki to the picture. Many have reported healing energy coming back to them from the picture when they do this.

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