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Cognitive Upgrade

Created by Mariah Couture

-Energies helping your brain and mind to sense info received in spiritual journeys-

Cognitive Upgrade is a delightful energy that helps your brain and mind make sense of more of the information you receive when in your spiritual journeys.

It also helps you to function better here in this reality, while you are integrating spiritual downloads divine codes of enlightenment. Cognitive Upgrade assists to reduce the "disconnect" feeling that people get when they've received a "download" from spirit. If you've ever felt like your soul or angels just dumped information and energy into you, but you can't quite access it, you may have received a download. Lightbody Integration assists you and your physical body to activate the divine codes to activate the divine instructions you receive from beyond this reality.

This may change the molecular composition of your body in such a way that enables it to make use of and literally embody more of your soul and Eternal Sacred Source.Lightbody is a spiritual and metaphysical term which refers to the energy matrix, aura or grid which connects you more fully to your soul and Divinity.

Anytime your consciousness travels, it is clothed in your lightbody.

This is a very important spiritual construct to maintain and integrate with your physicality. The faster a person's physical body can vibration and still be in physicality, it is said to have a higher "light" quotient.

It is easier to perceive spiritual realms when the body is as "light". This is not true for all people, but for most.

There are some very dense shamans who are incredibly skilled at moving their consciousness into other realms.

People focused on the art of light body integration are also interested in shifting their entire body's molecular structure in such a ways as to transcend various physical limitation. They feel that they may eventually be able to "take their body with them" for ascension.

Cognitive Upgrade - Master-$28.00

You will receive the Cognitive Upgrade manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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