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Celestial Light Body Activation

Created by Jay Burrell

- Personal Development System for your Spiritual Growth -

Jay says- "The energies of the Celestial Light Body are of an extremely high vibrational frequency but are at the same time very simple and easy to use.

Some more advanced spiritual teachers might find the information within the manual very simple and easy to understand and this is great because you will already have an added benefit in progressing this knowledge to another level.

The main focus of this system is not about what the manual says or what I teach, it is about your willingness to re connect with your light body so you can expand your mind beyond the human ego and from what you already believe that you know and feel into a place of pure spiritual peace and enlightenment.

During the many months of channelling this energy it has cleared away a lot of the old negative energies, self programming and energetic attachments that have been with me since childhood. These clearings have not been easy but through the guidance and protection from my star guide Rakesh and the daily activation of the Celestial Light I have been blessed with a new understanding about the meaning of energy healing and personal spiritual ascension. The added benefit of the clearings and changes that will occur are you will find your psychic abilities and spiritual awareness of your surroundings dramatically increases.

Through awakening your light body you will also gain a better understanding of accepting more light energy into your every day thoughts and action which results in an opening of your healing channel in an upwards direction so that you are more strongly connected to the universal mind and your higher heart consciousness. As the process of continued awakening occurs your will learn how to place yourself into altered states of awareness which are attained through using crystals, guided meditations, self healing and personal intentions.

Using all of the methods described within the manual will help you to choose the right actions that reflect the light of your soul and higher self rather than that of the human ego mind. You can experience many altered states of awareness through these meditative journeys and they will be deeply insightful, knowledgeable and blissful. They will take you beyond thought and into the direct experiences of oneness with who you are at this moment in time as well as a oneness with everything around you.

It is within these states of awareness that you can truly see, sense and feel the expansive energies of the higher dimensions and make them a part of your daily life.

~ Introduction to the Celestial Light Body Activation ~
~ What is Ascension & what are the Ascension Symptoms ~
~ Crystals to aid in working with your Light Body ~
~ A simple method in sensing the energies of crystals ~
~ Spiritual Grounding and Protection plus exercises ~
~ Introduction to the Merkabah Crystal Matrix of Light ~
~ Channelled message from my Star Guide Rakesh ~
~ The Laws of Attraction ~
~ How to become a Magnet for Attraction ~
~ A Merkabah Meditation ~
~ The Human Aura ~
~ Aura clearing/scanning exercises ~
~ Developing Auric sight to see and feel the aura ~
~ The meaning of the colours of the aura ~
~ Psychic abilities ~
~ Exercises to help develop and bring forth your psychic abilities ~
~ Astral Travel & Out of Body Experiences ~
~ The Chakra system & Chakra meditation ~
~ The Ascended Masters & Archangels ~
~ Guided meditation to meet with the Ascended Masters, Archangels and your personal guide ~
~ How to use the energies of the Celestial Light Body Activation plus much more.

Celestial Light Body Activation - Master-$79.00

All students must be registered with the Academy to teach The Celestial LightBody Activation. If your Teachers details are not listed on on the registered teachers page they are not authorised to teach and attune others.

Registered Teachers

You will receive the Celestial Light Body Activation manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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