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Business Energy Amplifier

Created by Maha Kamaleksana

- increase and expand your business energy field to the purpose you want to achieve -

Everything within Universe is connected and influences each other in the energy matrix. The one which have strongest and most stable energy frequency may have rules to the other below it, to maintain order in the system. This law is valid at our business field, the strongest one will rule and maintain its existance against the other until there is cooperation. The best business is one that has the strongest and most stable energy field to influence the others to work together.

Business Energy Amplifier is designed to increase and expand our business energy field, accordance to the purpose that we want to achieve. It creates a strong energy pulsation to influence the environments of our business to move in accordance with our goal by harmonious and mutually beneficial.

It transmits our intention into a high frequency that is emitted to all directions in the energy matrix and influences the other businesses to cooperation with our business.

Its high frequency penetrates into the substance layers of the individual that have a critical position to make a decision for business, the center point of the business, the soul of business. This helps our business energy field to communicate with others soul. for all. Thus our intention and purpose will be understood and realized by them, therefore stimulating them to work together to achieve the goal perfectly.

Our business goal and the others can be manifested as fast as possible with high accuracy.

Business Energy Amplifier - Master-$27.00

You will receive the Business Energy Amplifier manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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