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Blue Star Energy Flush

Created by Hari Winarso

- Open to new visions, stimulates inner vision, psychic abilities, aids calcium absorption -

Blue Star Energy Flush Blue Star Energy Flush is a great energy. It is used to center and ground physical energies and is very useful during stressful times. Blue Star Energy Flush stabilizes the base chakra, and strengthens your connection with the earth.

Blue Star Energy Flush promote a sense of balance while cleansing the surrounding energy. Use these to fortify strength and confidence and to open yourself to new visions.

The energy warms the extremities, bring energy through the entire body aids calcium absorption stops night twitches and muscle spasms.

It banishes the fear of feeling unwanted emotions and opens renewed abilities to feel all one's emotions. This is a healthy alternative to suppressing one's emotions (numbness) due to fear or pain. Blue Star Energy Flush stimulates inner vision. Assists the use of psychic abilities.

Blue Star Energy Flush - Master-$60.00

You will receive the Blue Star Energy Flush manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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